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4 Fit & Healthy Date Ideas


It's easy to get in the habit of going back-and-forth with, "So, what do you want to do tonight?", "I don't know, what do you want to do?" or "What do you want for dinner?", "I don't know, what do you want to eat?" Then two hours later you find yourselves still snacking and watching the same show you started with. Break out of you and your SOs routine of "let's watch a movie" or "let's go to dinner" and start planning some active dates! Don't get me wrong! I love a good Chinese takeout ft. Netflix date night, but let's get creative.

1. Bring out the bikes. Take a ride around the lake or a nearby trail. You could even bring a little picnic basket and blanket to set up next to the trail. Sandwiches, fruit bowls, salads, and veggies with dip are all excellent options for your picnic. Don't forget to bring dessert! ;)

2. Hit up the local farmer's market. What's a better way to kick off your summer weekend morning than with some fresh AND local whole foods? Check your local listing for a fresh start to your weekend. Farmer's markets in the Omaha area are usually open sometime between early May and mid-October. The Old Market Farmer's Market on Saturday's and the Aksarben Village Farmer's Market on Sunday's are two of the most popular ones around the area. There are a few others worth a gander, so check this weekends local events to see which one you'd like to visit!

3. Go on a nature walk. There's nothing better than breathing in crisp, fresh air and viewing beautiful scenery. Hiking, and walking in general, releases endorphins, improves mood, and encourages creative thinking. Some of our best ideas come to us either while we're walking or shortly after. Time to get movin' and get energized!

4. Sign up for a challenge together. A 5K, half marathon, triathlon, Warrior Dash, SOMETHING! This will allow the two of you to train together and push each other to work harder towards your goal. It's always nice having someone who cares about you cheer you on and encourage you to pick up your speed or lift heavier. Plus, you could create a little friendly competition by making a bet - whoever is quicker has to buy the other person dinner! ;)


- Katharine

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