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Positive Vibes Only!

Body Positivity

Your emotions and mentality greatly impact your progress. Negativity affects your brain, your organs, and your muscles, which in turn affects your overall mental and physical health. Learn about the outcome of negative self-talk and discover ways to turn those

negatives into happy, positive thoughts.

If you keep sending your body negative thoughts, you won't be able to identify progress.

Think about why you started your journey and how it will positively affect you and those around you.

If you keep worrying about what food you are eating, you will either end up under-eating and not have enough energy or

end up binging on unhealthy foods.

Understand that you must fuel your body in order to perform your best. Yes, you may have cravings in the beginning, but feeding your body the necessary nutrients will create your desired outcome.

If you keep telling yourself "no" to certain foods, you won't know when to say "yes".

Relax! It's okay to treat yourself every once in a while. Don't be so hard on yourself! One piece of cake is NOT going to make you gain 10 pounds overnight. Same goes for eating a salad - one salad is NOT going to make you lose 10 pounds overnight.

No tricks here! It's all part of the process.

If you keep thinking you won't reach your goals, you're right, you probably won't.

Self-talk should be kept positive and upbeat. Tell yourself you CAN achieve your goals and you WILL.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

Don't allow your eyes to only see your perceived flaws. Realize that YOU ARE AMAZING! The hardest part of a fitness journey is beginning at all, so the fact that you even have a goal set is a HUGE step. Keep on trucking with positive vibes only!


- Katharine

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