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How to Bounce Back from a Binge

Bowl of Fruit

Raise your hand if you enjoyed your three-day-weekend a little too much. You are not alone! I can guarantee there are several others that did the same thing, but how do you bounce back?

1. First things first, forgive yourself. Hating and punishing yourself for what you ate or drank this weekend is not going to do you any good. If anything, it's going to stress you out and throw your hormones out of whack.

2. Do NOT starve yourself as a punishment. Starving yourself after eating an abnormally large meal is going to make your body think it won't eating for a long time, therefore, it will hold onto said large meal as a survival mechanism. Plus, skipping meals or snacks the day after a cheat meal is only going to encourage you to binge again.

3. Get your mind right and remember your health and fitness goals. Write them down. Tell yourself you are strong, confident, and able to complete those goals! Positive talk only!

4. Hydrate. (Weird, I'm saying it again). Water will help flush out the toxins and assist in metabolizing all the overly delicious treats you indulged in this past weekend.

5. Get moving! Go on a light walk after a binge to help with digestion. Plus, you'll feel less "meh" afterwards too! Try to get some exercise and break a sweat the next day to get you back on track.

6. Eat a fiber and protein rich breakfast the following morning to aid in digestion from yesterdays cheat meal.

Suggestion: 2 eggs, avocado toast, and side of fruit.

7. Lastly, do NOT look at the scale. Do you really think your post-binge mindset puts you in a good place to look at the scale?

Eh, probably not. Get back to feeling like yourself again before you hop on the scale.

Don't let a binge get in the way of your goals! Keep your eyes on the prize. You got this!


- Katharine

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