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Health Tips for Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day calls for a long weekend spent with friends, family, and delicious treats! Indulgence is all part of a healthy balance. Though, knowing the difference between indulging and overindulging is important. These health tips will allow you to satisfy your Memorial Day cravings while still being mindful of your health and fitness goals.

Keep hydrated. I think this is listed on every health tip blog I post... I cannot reiterate it enough - water water water! Kickin' back with a few brews in hand is to be expected over the long weekend. Alternate your alcoholic beverages with water to prevent dehydration (and a dreadful hangover!).

Stay Active. Whether that means getting in an early morning workout before the festivities begin or exercising by the lake - just get movin'!

Eat a little before the big gathering. A small healthy snack before you hit the road will help suppress your hunger, making it less likely that you overindulged upon arrival. Don't let those desserts win you over before you have even tried the main dish!

Stick to lean meats, veggies, and fruits, if possible. Though, you can't dictate what others bring to the party, you can choose what you eat. Try to get your protein in before you head for the sweets. Also, go easy on the condiments - this is where extra sugars and calories hide! If you are really dedicated, you could even bring your own food. Do what ever will keep your mind most at ease.

HAVE FUN! Stressing yourself out over holiday food is only going to make matters worse. Being healthy is more than just what you eat! It's okay to indulge over the holiday weekend! Don't punish yourself the next day for eating one too many hotdogs. Just be cognizant of whether you are eating because you are hungry or eating because there is food readily available.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


- Katharine

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