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Simple Hacks for Starting Your Diet

Starting a diet can be terrifying. You are so used to eating a certain way that mentally it doesn't seem right to stray away from your comfort zone. Reducing and cutting back from certain foods, while adding others can make a significant difference without completely flipping your diet upside down.

1. Reduce sugar intake. Minimizing how many pops you drink per day, the amount of sugar you put in your coffee/tea, or how many times you walk by your co-workers desk that always has candy can make a significant impact. If you are known to have a sweet tooth, try substituting your candies or sweeteners with fruit or honey.

2. Eat more veggies! Spice up your sandwiches, omelettes, and snacks with vegetables. Adding a little lettuce or spinach here and there will provide excellent nutrients at a low calorie cost. As for snacks, skip the chips and go for some celery and hummus (one of my favs!).

3. Minimize processed foods. Processed foods are higher in calories, as well as sodium. Sodium can lead to water retention and/or an upset stomach. They are also low in the necessary micronutrients, which does not benefit or promote a healthy body.

4. Decrease alcohol consumption. Alcohol, of course, has minimal nutritional value and would be considered as "empty calories". Alcohol also slows your metabolism. So, all of those nachos and pizza you enjoy after getting your buzz on is not going to be processed as it normally would in your body. A slower metabolism may stick around for a day or so depending on how much alcohol was consumed, as well.

These four small changes can make a HUGE difference in your health. Try it out and let me know if you notice any differences in how you feel or how you look!


- Katharine

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