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Importance of Rest Days


When I first began my fitness journey, #NoDaysOff was in full effect. I believed that I wouldn't see results unless I pushed my body to its limits every. single. day. WRONG! Fast forward to today and I wish I would have incorporated regular rest days sooner. Rest days are SO important to your health. You need to let your body relax and recharge in order to achieve maximum results. Your muscles need a chance to recover from all of the wear and tear it endured. This is also why you should exercise different parts of the body throughout the week. Working on your lower body for three days in a row is not going to give you the results you are striving for. If anything, it may serve as a setback. You need to allow time for your body to recover.

If you're struggling to understand how to structure your workout schedule, take a look at how I (usually) outline my weekly workouts:



Cardio & Abs

Back & Biceps

Chest & Triceps

Rest Day

Sometimes I add another light cardio day into the mix. Otherwise, I add in another rest day if it makes sense for my schedule or if my body feels tired.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you feel exhausted mentally and physically, don't go to the gym! You aren't going to have a good workout if you aren't all there anyway. I have seen more results by giving my body 1-2 rest days per week than I did following #NoDaysOff. Be sure to incorporate rest days into your weekly workout routine in order to amplify your results!

Are you giving your body enough rest?


- Katharine

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