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What Not to Do on an Empty Stomach

If you get stomach aches easier than most, maybe take a look at your daily routine. What you do on an empty stomach may reflect how you feel with a full stomach. Try to avoid doing these things on an empty stomach and see how it affects the way you feel -

1. DO NOT exercise on an empty stomach. Some prefer an empty stomach to practice yoga or for fasted cardio, but I still suggest ditching those habits. Your body needs fuel to use fuel. Pretend your body is a car; now, you can't drive a car if there isn't any gas in it, so how are you going to workout without any fuel? Plus, how are you going to make any #gainz without any food?!

2. DO NOT go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Do you drool when you walk down the chip and candy aisle, too? Because, SAME. Well, it will be ten times worse if you grocery shop when you're hungry. You are more likely to purchase food items that were not on your list, as well as unhealthier foods, when grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

3. DO NOT travel on an empty stomach. This can cause motion sickness. Always bring snacks! (I live and breathe by that statement whether I'm traveling or not.) Foods high in protein and low in sodium are your best choices for traveling. Also, try to avoid large meals before traveling to reduce discomfort and bloating.

4. DO NOT drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach. The acidity in these two drinks can cause heartburn throughout the day if consumed first thing in the morning. Remember to grab breakfast or at least a snack before the IV of caffeine starts flowing.

So, what should you do? EAT! Fuel your body! You need food to be energized and alert. Need some snack ideas for when you are on the go? Here are a few of my favs:

Happy eating!


- Katharine

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