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Baby Shower Planning Tips

The first baby shower I ever planned took place this past weekend. From invitations and games, to food and decor, there is a lot involved and it takes more planning that you may anticipate! I hope the tips below can help you get started -

Always consult with the guest of honor regarding date and time.

Choose fun & cute invitations. I chose to go with a black and white color scheme, with pink and gold accents. Be sure to add your phone number and/or email address so people can RSVP. You will need the number of RSVPs for food and activities. I also used this template for the other signage throughout the baby shower. For example, the "Gifts & Cards" table, the "Water Break" station, and instructions for one of the games.

Choose an appropriate location that fits your budget. The space utilized was my apartments clubhouse, which had minimal lighting and no windows, so I kept the decorations light and bright to help illuminate the room. I used white table cloths dressed with colorful floral arrangements, light pink plates, napkins, and cups, and crystal serving dishes.

The type of foods served should be based off of the time of the event. The baby shower was set to be a brunch, so we featured a mini pancake bar with an array of toppings, as well as finger sandwiches for those that prefer lunch. We served water, coffee, and pink lemonade (to incorporate the pink color scheme). And, of course there was dessert (the best part)! Cupcakes topped with "It's a girl!" and sugar cookies with "Baby K" printed on them were quite a hit!

Create a timeline that includes welcoming guests and grabbing a bite to eat, playing games and activities, and opening gifts. Most baby showers last approximately 2 hours. Allow for 30-45 minutes at the beginning for guests to arrive, nibble on some snacks, and mingle with one another. Depending on the number of attendees, plan for a couple games and/or activities to last 30 minutes, give or take. The remainder of the shower should be dedicated to opening gifts and having dessert (if you hadn't snuck some already!)

Two ways to make things easier on the guest of honor:

Set out envelopes at the entrance of the baby shower so attendees can write down their name and address. This saves the guest of honor quite a bit of time when writing thank you notes.

Have a designated gift-getter/gift-recorder, so the mama-to-be does not have to continuously get up and down to retrieve each gift, nor remember which gift is from who.

Happy planning!


- Katharine

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