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15 benefits of strength training

If you've been here for a while, you've likely heard me hoop and holler about strength training. I would shout it from a roof top if I had the chance. Absolutely no shame.

I believe every body can benefit from strength training. Regardless of how able-bodied a person is, there are ways to incorporate strength training to benefit all.

If you've been on the fence about strength training in the past, aren't sure how to get (re)started, or are currently strength training, pull up a chair.

15 benefits of strength training:

1. Increases muscle mass

2. Improves stability and balance

3. Lowers your risk of injury

4. Increases strength

5. Enhances endurance

6. Improves heart health

7. Increases mobility/range of motion

8. Boosts confidence

9. Increases and maintains bone density

10. Regulates blood sugar

11. Boosts mood

12. Improves quality of life

13. Manages chronic conditions

14. Improves brain health

15. Increases longevity

If you read through these benefits and still think, "eh, it's not for me", I hope you reconsider. Whether you train with me, another reputable trainer, or a random YouTuber, you can benefit.

You only get one body in this life. Start treating it well now, so you can thank yourself in 30+ years. Think about how strengthening your body now will allow you to safely go up and down stairs when you're 70, to keep up with your kids when you're 40 and grandkids when you're 60, and to carry in your groceries all in one trip 'til the end of time.

You got this.

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